15 Black Nightstands That Double as Charging Stations

15 Black Nightstands That Double as Charging Stations

In today’s tech-savvy age, staying connected is essential, even in the most serene spaces. That’s where the ingenious combination of black nightstands and built-in charging stations comes into play. We’ve scoured the market to bring you the 15 best-selling black nightstands that not only add a touch of elegance to your bedroom but also keep your devices charged and organized. These top sellers have earned rave reviews from satisfied customers, making them the go-to choice for those seeking both form and function. Whether you’re a night owl catching up on work emails or simply need a convenient spot for your bedside essentials, these nightstands are here to make your life easier and your bedroom more beautiful. Join us as we explore the perfect fusion of style and utility in our roundup of the must-have black nightstands with charging stations for 2023.

MOOACE Modern 3-Tier USB & Charging Station Black Nightstand – Bedroom/Living Room Side End Table with Storage Shelf

Introducing an innovative new way to declutter your space and streamline your daily routines with this Industrial side table that comes complete with a built-in charging station. Equipped with 2 standard plug outlets and 2 USB ports, this remarkable side table gives you the ability to simultaneously charge your phone, lamp, and laptop with ease, without any annoying cable mess. Not only is it a charger but also a 3-tier side table that saves space, providing enough room to hold your drinks, snacks, or books. Despite its compact 15.8W x 11.8D x 23.6H frame, this versatile appliance functions fabulously as a coffee table, sofa side table, hallway table, or even a bedside table. Built with a sturdy steel frame combined with particleboard, this square end table showcases 3 tier storage shelves, offering both stability and durability. It can hold up to 80Ib and its 4 adjustable feet protect your floor while ensuring stability on uneven surfaces. Assembly and cleaning are a breeze with the easy-to-follow instructions and included assembly tools, and should any concerns arise, customer service is available 24/7 for prompt responses. Revolutionize your living space with this ingenious multi-function side table!

Tpculor-Lit Bedside Table with Charging Station, Drawer, Open Shelf, Top Baffle, and Cabinet Storage for Bedrooms and Living Rooms

Never fret about your mornings again! With this indispensably multifunctional nightstand, all your tech charging woes are a thing of the past. Equipped with 2 standard plug outlets and 3 USB ports, it promises to keep all your devices powered and ready to go. Forget about the struggle of tangled cords and elusive outlets; this convenient setup means energy is always readily accessible. Beyond just utility, this nightstand comes with an amazing, remote-controlled LED light system. With a spectacular range of over 60,000 RGB colors, 29 flashing modes, and a 15-level adjustable brightness, it surely breathes life into any room. In addition to its tech-friendly capabilities, this nightstand also offers generous storage. Its thoughtful design includes a drawer, cabinet, and open compartments for flawless organization of your daily essentials. It even boasts a specially crafted 2-inch baffle with rounded edges to prevent slipping or scratching of items. This piece is not just reliable but robust as well; made from high-quality particleboard, it promises lasting durability. You can enjoy this charming and sturdy nightstand for many years, in the bedroom, living room, or study. And guess what? An assembly video is also available for your convenience!

Reettic Delux Multipurpose Nightstand – Black, with Charging Station, USB Ports, Power Outlets, Drawer & Open Shelf RCTG101BE

This elegant nightstand features a built-in charging station, equipped with 2 standard plug outlets and 2 USB ports to conveniently charge your mobile phone, tablet, or bluetooth headset, eliminating the chaos of tangled wires. The large drawer smoothly accommodates items such as remote controls, nightly supplements or essential oils, while the bottom open space offers ample room for storage baskets, gaming consoles and cable boxes. Crafted from high-quality EPA-grade particleboard, this sturdy and durable bedside table can provide long-lasting service. The closed bottom space doesn’t accumulate dust and is easy to clean. Its classy black finish adds a sophisticated touch to your space, making it versatile enough to blend seamlessly with any room decor, be it in the bedroom, living room, guest room, or entryway. With its straightforward design, labeled accessories, and detailed instructions, assembly is a breeze and requires just around 20 minutes. Experience the practical luxury of a multi-functional side table.

Halitaa Black Nightstand- LED Light, Charging Station, 3 Drawers, Open Storage, End or Beside Bedroom Cabinet

Adorn your home with this cleverly designed nightstand which also doubles as a charging station. With two standard plugs and two USB sockets, you can conveniently charge a variety of devices like your mobile phone, computer, or game console. The nightstand comes equipped with 20 different LED lighting effects, adding a contemporary flair to your décor and creating a fun, atmospheric scene for parties. This multifunctional piece is not only tech-savvy but also offers a large storage capacity with three drawers and an open shelf. The quality-engineered wood is firm and durable, with a waterproof surface for easy cleaning and maintenance. Assembling the nightstand is a breeze with detailed installation instructions provided. Each accessory is labeled for hassle-free identification, ensuring an easy set-up process. A perfect addition to bedrooms, living rooms or offices to help streamline your life in a fashionable way.

HOOBRO Compact Side Table with Built-in Charging Station, USB Ports and Outlet for Office, Bedroom, Study – Black BB88UBZ01

This innovative side table brings modern convenience to any space, boasting an built-in power strip complete with one outlet, two USB ports, and a 59 power cord. The convenient yet stylish design allows for easy on-the-spot charging of all electric devices. Maintaining a compact footprint of 15L x 11W x 23.6H, the two-tier design provides both open and concealed storage for books, snacks, and other items, while the flip-down door ensures easy access to the drawer. The top surface serves as a perfect place for displaying decorative items. Fashionably minimalist, the table showcases a calm black finish for a sense of understated elegance. Quality particleboard construction ensures durability, with four sturdy, inclined metal legs providing stable support and a maximum load capacity of 33 lb. Non-slip tubing plugs keep the table balanced and protects your floor from scratches. Despite its sophisticated design, assembly is a breeze, thanks to the clear instructions, labeled parts, and all required tools included in the package. Even if you’ve never assembled furniture before, you’ll find the process interesting and manageable.

LDTTCUK Nightstand with USB Ports & Power Outlet, Dual Tier Black Bedside Table with Storage Cabinet for Bedroom, Office, Living Room

Experience unparalleled convenience with this handy side table that doubles as a charging station. Fitted with 2 power outlets and 2 USB ports, it takes away the hassle of locating a power source and promises safety against liquid spills, thanks to its strategic placement on the second open shelf. With its 6.5ft long power cord, place it freely around your house, wherever needed. This special piece doesn’t stop there, it also offers ample storage options for both display and privacy needs. Its upper and middle shelves are perfect for showcasing your keepsakes or organizing essentials, while the bonus bottom cabinet protects your private belongings. Built to last, it flaunts a sturdy structure designed with medium density fiberboard, a weight capacity of 100 lbs and a metal X-shaped frame for stability. Further, the 4 adjustable feet guard your floors against unsightly scratches. Celebrate your refined taste with its minimalist black wood texture design that complements any interior. Assembling it is a breeze thanks to clear instructions, numbered parts, and provided tools. Bring home this perfect blend of technology, storage, and style; let it enrich your living space with its presence.

LDTTCUK Contemporary Black Nightstand with Integral Charging Station and Handy Open Storage Drawer

This versatile nightstand is a perfect addition to any bedroom, bringing the power, stability, and storage you need right to your side. With its dual standard plug sockets, two USB ports, and a 6.56ft power cord, you will never have to worry about a low battery again. Another brilliant feature of this nightstand is its adjustable feet, which not only prevent the table from wobbling but also protect your floor from scratches. In case you’re not the best at handiwork, we’ve got you covered. The nightstand comes with numbered parts and conveniently clear instructions for easy assembling. This isn’t just a place to rest your book; its multifunctionality is what makes it truly unique. It serves as an end table, file cabinet, and more, thanks to its anti-falling design drawers and open storage that are practical for storing all your belongings. Its robust steel frame and premium particleboard ensure the durability you need, so you won’t have to replace it anytime soon. Invite this truly indispensable nightstand into your home today and enjoy the convenience and style it brings.

NORCEESAN Modern Black Bedside Table with USB Ports, Outlets, Drawer & 2 Tier Storage for Bedrooms, Living Room

Featuring a unique blend of practicality and style, this side table with a charging station is a must-have addition to any modern home. Equipped with two USB ports and two standard outlets, this table allows quick and convenient charging of your phone, lamp, and Bluetooth, all facilitated by a 4.9ft long power supply cord. With it’s modern, minimalist black design and fortified with dark gray fabric drawer, this robust piece of furniture serves as an alluring addition to your living room, bedroom, or guest room. The 2-tiered nightstand offers ample space for storing and displaying items, while the fabric drawer provides a safe home for items that are easily misplaced. The metal frame combined with solid MDF contributes to the table’s stability and durability. To top it all, the stand comes with 4 adjustable feet to prevent floor scratches and provide stability on uneven surfaces. This multifunctional table can also function as a printer stand with storage or a small side table for confined spaces. This fashionable, industrial storage shelf is suitable for just about anywhere!

Lomojo: Duo Set of Modern Rattan Nightstands with Charging Station & Drawer – Mid-Century Wood Boho Style for Bedroom/Living Room – Black2

This set of two bedroom end tables is a perfect blend of style and functionality, designed to elevate any living space. Constructed from high-grade particleboard with solid wood legs, these tables boast impressive durability, wear-resistance, and scratch-resistance. These versatile pieces go beyond just end tables. With the included drawer and shelf, they can easily double as a modern rattan nightstand or a seizing mid-century modern highlight in your living room. One of their unique features is a built-in charging station with two power outlets and two USB ports, making it convenient to recharge your electronic devices. Measuring 11.8D x 15.75L x 23.63H, assembly is easy with clear instructions and uniquely numbered parts. Cleaning is also a breeze, all it takes is a simple wipe with a damp towel to keep it looking fresh. The package includes the bedside table or nightstands set, detailed instructions, hardware, and tools. Should the product not meet your expectations, a satisfaction guarantee is in place to ensure total peace of mind.

BTY Compact Bedside Table with Charging Station, USB Ports, and Storage Shelf in Rustic Black

Featuring a unique combination of practical utility and vintage appeal, this black nightstand is a perfect addition to any home decor. Innovatively designed, it has a built in charging station with two AC outlets and three USB ports, along with a 6.5ft power cord that can conveniently power your phones, tablets, lamps, and other devices. Its sturdy and durable build, with an anti-slip footing and thickened metal frame, prevents wobble and ensures stability even on a sofa or bedside. Carved from premium MDF and rustproof metal, it also scores high on safety and longevity, with its material being UL and CARB certified. The waterproof surface, easy to clean, only adds to its versatility. The nightstand also offers ample storage space with its drawer and shelves. You can effortlessly assemble this stylish piece of furniture following the provided manual, enlisting your family members for a fun weekend activity. In case of any queries, assistance is readily available at your fingertips.

SOOWERY Mid Century Modern End Table, Black Nightstand with Glass Door, 2-Tier Storage & Charging Station

One cannot underestimate the value of a functional and versatile nightstand. This particular design is a multi-purpose charmer suitable not just as a bedroom nightstand, but also as a sofa table, couch table, end table or living room table. Its trend-setting feature is a built-in charging station, which is a practical inclusion for those who find their phone battery running low due to prolonged use in bed. Outfitted with 2 USB Ports and 2 3-Prong Power Outlets, it allows for charging laptops and phones right next to the bed or sofa. Plus, the 6.5ft electrical cord eliminates the need to position it close to wall outlets. Dressed in a MORU Glass door, displaying a unique pattern of vertical lines, the nightstand ensures privacy while lending a modern, mid-century stylish appearance to the room. The sturdy construction with 10-inch solid wood legs and height-adjustable footpads guarantees stability as well as protection from floor scratches. This model aims to facilitate neat organization with its 2-tier storage options – a doorless cabinet for semi-open storage and a glass door cabinet for private storage. With an offer to provide any missing parts free of charge, it ensures a hassle-free assembly experience.

NORCEESAN Industrial-Style Bedroom Side Tables with USB Ports, Power Outlets, Storage Shelves, Charging Station, 3-Tier End Table (Black)

Experience effortless charging and superior storage with this modern end table. It’s designed with two standard outlets and three USB ports strategically placed directly on the side board, providing easy access for charging electronic devices without leaving the comfort of your couch. The end table offers a generous three-layer capacity, with dimensions of 15.7 W x 11.8 D x 23.8 H, presenting you with ample room for your favorite books, stylish lamps, or beloved houseplants. Boasting a stunning combination of classic black and exquisite wood grain, this end table’s simple yet chic design promises to enrich any space. Its sturdy, durable structure is supported by four robust square pipes, allowing the top to support up to 50 pounds and the middle and bottom shelves up to 20 pounds each. The end table also includes adjustable feet pads to protect your floors from scratches and ensure stability on any surface. Aside from its use as a nightstand, this versatile piece can serve various purposes such as a living room side table, record player stand, printer rack, or a decorative 3 tier display shelf.

KHLJJU Multi-functional Black Bedside Table with USB Charging Station and Fabric Drawer for Compact Spaces

Avoid the low battery alert with this all-in-one end table charging station. It is equipped with two AC outlets, two USB ports, and a sturdy 6.56ft power cord to charge all your devices, including mobile phones, iPads, and Macs, efficiently and safely. It’s more than a charging station – it offers ample storage with two fabric drawers, a top panel, and open space, perfect for organizing personal and less frequently used items. Its construction from high-quality engineered wood, thickened steel, and non-woven fabric drawers promises durability and stability, with four adjustable leveling feet to prevent floor scratches. In addition, the end table is practically designed to fit any room dimension – 23.94 x 15.73 x 11.8 inch. Whether you use it as a coffee table or a bedside nightstand, it will keep your clutter in check. It’s quick and easy to assemble with provided instructions and numbered parts. If you encounter missing accessories or have any queries, customer service is ready to assist in mere hours. Regardless of your home decor, this versatile and functional end table charging station will blend seamlessly.

MAHANCRIS Compact Black Nightstand with Charging Station, Storage Shelf and Integrated Light, Ideal for Small Spaces ETHB18E01

Experience the convenience and stylish functionality of this unique narrow bedside table. Never worry about your phone powering off with the practical power station, including two 3-hole sockets and 2 USB ports, complete with a 59 power cord for all your urgent charging needs. Crafted to fit your space, the compact and delicate 15L x 11W x 24.4H size makes it an ideal companion for your bedroom, living room, or office. The large capacity, featuring 3 open storage shelves, makes it a trusted aide in organizing your space professionally or displaying your collectibles, improving the aesthetic of your home. With the fashionable sensor light, you can add a touch of warm coziness to your environment, easily charged and offering 2 modes of induction and long light. Built to last, the 3-tier coffee table is made of sturdy engineered wood, with a high load capacity and excellent stability. It even features 4 adjustable feet for added steadiness. This is not just a table, it’s a lifestyle upgrade.

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